Welcome to the Chaplaincy Team pages of our website. We are a team that tries to live more like Jesus and to share this with others.


We have a Chaplaincy Team that sets the example of prayer for the whole school. We lead a prayer club at break time every day and a different class will come and pray on each day. When they come, we pray together as well as listen to the Bible and link this to the word of the week.


We also have a Faith in Action team. We meet after school on a Monday and do lots of different things such as planning and leading collective worship, altar serving and fundraising. This all counts as part of our 20 hours of service in school. We have to complete these hours to receive the PIN level certificate. As we get older, we can carry on and complete more hours and more levels.


As well as this, we have a school choir who meet up at a lunchtime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have Mass very often and the choir lead the whole school in singing the hymns as we worship God. Singing is another way that we can pray.


We have two chaplains, Joe and Brodie, who come from Christ the King every Monday. They come in and help us plan prayer club for the week. They also do a class retreat with one class each week and during this they would do some praying, activities, collective worship, Bible reflections, games and some work.


We also complete fundraising events such as donating clothes, food and money to those who need it more. This is to help other people experience the love of God and to share our happiness as people who are trying to be holy.


Lots of students across the school volunteer to go down to the younger students and read with them as a reading buddy. This helps us grow as a community and expands people’s knowledge.


Hannah and Nayema

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