For our Faith in Action award scheme we are required to put in 20 hours of service, this means going out of our way to help people or contribute to the Catholic life of the school. In December 2018 the Faith in Action group and the choir joined together to sing in front of the elderly parishioners at Sacred Heart Church.


Every Monday for a couple of weeks the faith in action group and choir met up so that we could practice the songs we would be singing. We started off a bit shaky, but as time went on we got progressively better and got more confidence with singing the songs we had. Once we had become amazing at singing as a big group there was just one thing that needed work, and that was to smile more whilst singing!


On the day of this amazing event, we got into our snazzy outfits for the performance along with our school uniform. We got out sheets with all the songs on as we was arranged into our places at the front of the church. As we were being arranged and as we got up to the front all faces were pointed towards us, everyone was being so kind and friendly and gave us big smiles giving us all a big confidence boost. For all the hard work we put into singing these songs we each got a big chocolate lollipop which we all enjoyed thoroughly.


We all enjoyed this experience of singing in front of a big crowd of people, putting in our hours for this award but also having lots of fun during it!


Xanthe and Ruby – Year 6

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