fair and justYear 3 worked together to get ready for a whole school Liturgy which started less than 2 hours into their new half term! Their theme was being just and fair and they used scripture from Matthew’s Gospel to explain that we can’t tell others to be just and fair unless we being just and fair also. They wrote some beautiful prayers, prepared some clever role plays to quiz the school about and led the Liturgy confidently with some great examples of fairness.

Afterwards Foundation shared their knowledge about Baptism and learnt about the importance of the name that we are given. They were great at picking up the tune to a new song very quickly and it was lovely to meet the newest members of the school community.

The new Year 5 Chaplaincy Team got to work straight away planning their assembly for the following Monday which will introduce the school to their statement to live by for the week which is “I know how to look after myself”. They have written a fantastic poem which explains a lot more about their theme.

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