This term KS1 have been working towards their Liturgy all about Fire! Year 2 were able to sit in the sunshine to write their prayers for the Liturgy whilst Year 1 worked together in lots of places around the school to practice their drama about the good things (marshmallows and toasty toast included!) and the bad things about fire. On Thursday they all came together along with many of their parents to celebrate their Liturgy together. There was some wonderful singing and KS1 did so well we almost thought they were in KS2!

The Year 5 Chaplaincy Team did some excellent work in preparation for their Tuesday Liturgies and it was great to visit and join in with their Liturgy about Gifts and Talents. They have really shown some great skills for team work and have done a fantastic job whilst Year 6 have been busy with their exams!

Year 6 have prepared their first Liturgy of the term, all about being a Witness. They have prepared a video and have had some great discussions about their chosen scripture, when Jesus visited the disciples after he had risen from the dead. There is a lot to witness so watch very carefully!!

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