The Chapel is a place where we go to pray to God. Chaplaincy team meet every Monday at break time and lunchtime. This is when we would plan our prayer club for the week and Collective Worship. On the other days, different classes use the Chapel to pray and use it for silent prayer. A few years ago, Bishop Patrick blessed our Chapel and gave us a Tabernacle to use. All of the hosts that are blessed will go into the Tabernacle and used again when Father Philipp comes to say Mass in school.


The Chapel is a very special place which we will always have. The Chapel is a place where we can go and pray, read the Bible and learn more about God. As we learn more, we start to understand more about who Jesus is for us in our lives. The Holy Spirit watches over us as we learn to love and understand God a bit more. We must not take this place for granted as the Chapel brings our school together as a family.

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