Sunday 13th May was a very special day indeed as children from Saint Patrick’s school made their First Holy Communion at Our Lady and Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church. Many people attended to support the children and celebrations continued long after the Mass, as you will soon hear!

It was a special day because of the emotions that the children were feeling, it takes a lot of confidence and faith in action to do what they did and they are all full of the Holy Spirit in time for Pentecost on Sunday. Below are two students telling us just how they felt throughout the day.



At first, I came into church feeling quite nervous. But, I was also feeling very excited because I was receiving the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time.

During the Mass, I said the introductory prayer. “Eric lead the troops”, said Marsha.

When the Mass had finished, I felt full of confidence because I had received a blessing which made me feel happy.

Me and my family went out for a nice dinner and I really enjoyed my celebration steak!


When I woke up I felt happy because I was making my First Holy Communion which has taken a while to prepare for.

I carried up the offertory with Maja and Maciej. I carried the wine and I felt nervous because everyone was looking at us.

Afterwards, I felt happy because I have now done my First Holy Communion and that felt good. I am looking forward to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ again.

When the Mass was finished we had a party in the hall with lots of party food. It was yummy!


These are just two children, but there were a lot more children who have put in a lot of time and prayer to get to this day and they can all be very proud of themselves. Back in school, children did some drawings of the day and showed what the Eucharist means to them through a piece of writing.

A big thanks must go to all those adults who have helped prepare them for this day, it has been greatly appreciated.


Saint Patrick – pray for us.

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