“God Among Us”

Encountering Mystery

When we are quiet and still, we become more aware of the sense of mystery at the heart of human life. The word mystery refers to something that is beyond human knowledge. It is something real, but with a meaning so deep the human mind cannot fully understand it.              As Christians we believe it is possible to encounter the mystery of God within human experience. If we continue to be attentive to what is happening in our lives, we become more and more aware of the mysterious presence of God.



Lots of good things happen to us everyday but are we fully aware of them all?

Think about your morning so far, or this week:

  • How many good things have happened?

If you try hard enough you can probably list several good things that have just occurred this morning. These do not have to be extraordinary things, just ordinary positive things that happen every day. The kind of things that make our lives easier and a lot happier. Yet we tend to take these sorts of things for granted and pass no remarks on them, because they happen so often, we start to not notice them. Even though we can become in-attentive to the details of everyday happenings, that can change. We can do something about it by paying more attention to people and to what they say and do. We can also pay more attention to nature and the world around us. By doing this daily we can become more aware of moments of goodness happening around us all the time.


We must try and make a conscience effort each day to open our eyes in a new way to see the presence of God:

  • In our life
  • In the world around us

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.” (1 John 4:9)

For Christians this means that all human life, all creation can reveal God to us. The world is full of God’s presence if only some days we had the eyes to see. We need to remind ourselves that:

  • God’s presence is everywhere
  • God tries to reach us through people, events, and the ordinary things we experience every day.
  • These are precious moments to hold when the Love of God touches our lives.



God of all,

you made the earth and saw that it was good,

but like robbers we have stripped it of its treasure.

Open our eyes, Lord.


Now the earth cries out

and your people hunger and thirst.

Open our eyes, Lord.


Open our eyes to see the pain of your creation

and move us with compassion for your world.

Open our eyes, Lord.


Lead us to act as neighbours,

who do not pass by on the other side

Open our eyes, Lord.


So that together we may care for all that you have made

and with all creation sing your praise.

Open our eyes, Lord.




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