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In_Flanders_FieldsYear 5 had a busy morning before break working hard to prepare for their upcoming remembrance Mass. They have prepared a musical introduction, prayers, a time of reflection, a Gospel drama and even some artwork and music too!

After break the whole school gathered together for their very own Remembrance Day Service where they remembered those who had died during conflicts, heard the Last Post played by some students in Year 5 and spent 2 minutes in silence. This ended by sharing the sign of peace which reminded us what we need to do to live in a peaceful world without conflict.

After break Year 1 came up with some fantastic ideas for their Remembrance Liturgy by thinking of ways that they could do small actions that show great love.

Finally, the Chaplaincy Team met to prepare for their Monday Act of Worship with the whole school. They have devised a game show and after the success of last week’s poem they have now written a song for the whole school to sing!

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