Prayer is one of the three pillars of Lent and we try extra hard to put time aside for prayer during Lent to grow closer to God.

Prayer is something that can be really hard to understand, let alone do. Sometimes it comes naturally but usually it’s something we forget about and don’t find time for. Prayer is simply a chat with God and you don’t need to use the right words, you don’t even need to use any words, you just need to put aside some time to be with God.

It’s amazing what a difference a few minutes a day can make – your mission this week is to spend a few minutes in prayer every day this week! This could be on your way to school, before you go to bed or even when your doing some exercise!

  • Huge congratulations the Lourdes team who completed their 15 mile sponsored walk at the weekend.
  • All Act of Worships will take place in PA2 this week and will be delivered by your chaplaincy team. Don’t forget that you will need a pen.
  • Make sure your Liturgical Colour Charts are pointing to Lent in your form rooms!
  • Have a great week everyone! 🙂



We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Jeremiah 33:3

A reading from the prophet Jeremiah, 

“Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about.

The Word of the Lord. 

Response: Thanks be to God. 


Dear Lord, 

You know our thoughts and feelings, help guide us in prayer to encounter your loving presence.


We end by making the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

We should all take the time to pray more this Lent.

Loving Father, help us to unite with our brothers and sisters in faith all around the world.
Let us pray for our world and climate as we seek for real and positive changes.


We end with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

Year 9: Please go to Tuesday’s tab!

Pslam 46:10

A reading from the book of Pslams,

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

The Word of the Lord

Lent can be a difficult journey and we can turn to God in prayer asking him for guidance and support when we face bumps in the road. Take some time in your form to be still, just as the scripture tells us to. Take the time to be still and listen to the words of the song. Focus on the video or close your eyes.

Whilst listening to the song, think of the things that you would like God’s help with this week, this could be something you’re struggling with or afraid of. Be still and know that God is listening and will be with you during these times.

Let us know in the comments below how you like to relax and be still with God!

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

This year, Catholic across England and Wales are exploring and celebrating ‘The Year of the Word’- “The God who speaks”. In the video, Fr Josh tells us that reading and understanding the scripture isn’t always easy. Fr Josh explains a type of prayer that we are exploring as part of the Year of the Words called ‘Lectio Divina’. Lectio Divina means divine reading. Listen to the 5 stages of Lectio Divina and choose a piece of scripture in your forms to try it out with!

We challenge you throughout Lent to explore different pieces of scripture with Lectio Divina, maybe flick through the Bible and stop at a random page and see what you find!

Let us know in the comments below what your piece of scripture your form choose and what it means to you!

Lord Jesus, you speak to all of us.
Help us to hear your call in scripture and for us to answer in our actions.
Be with us today in the decisions we make.

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

We start with the Sign of the Cross.

We end with the Sign of the Cross.

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