On Monday 11th February we invited parishioners, parents, families, governors and Directors of the Trust to celebrate with us this very special feast day to give thanks to Mary for her loving devotion to our Lord and to us. We joined together in a service of reconciliation where we heard the instructions Mary gave to Bernadette and we promised through song and prayer to follow her direction also. We took our candles and bottles to the Grotto, which we built with the children, where we left our intercessions, filled our bottles with Holy Water from Lourdes and returned to our homes and families taking forward Mary’s message. It was a wonderful celebration of our guiding patron- Our Lady of Lourdes. Thank you to the Becket School, Our Lady & St Patrick’s Parish and Our Lady & St Edward’s Parish for supplying us with enough blessed Lourdes water for all our children and families. It was wonderful to celebrate with members from the whole of St Patrick’s and Our Lady of Lourdes community, this very special day.

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