I’m Ambeel Omae, and alongside The Becket school and others from the Nottingham diocese we travelled to Lourdes, for our pilgrimage. The trip began with a 24 hour coach journey, which was an interesting experience, but yet a fun one. When we arrived in Lourdes we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and the place itself was lovely. When we began to meet the assisted pilgrims, each told a different story from how many times they had visited to how they find each experience. However they all said the same thing that Lourdes brought a feeling of calmness and peacefulness where everyone was so helpful and kind. I myself found Lourdes to be a place I cannot describe in words, it’s such a place where you feel the presence of God, and like many have said I would describe it as ‘heaven on earth’. Lourdes also brought an opportunity to meet new people who I would never have met without this opportunity, it also allowed me to grow closer to my existing friends, and most importantly it reaffirmed my faith and once we got back home, I know I still carry with me the presence of God.

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