The Nottingham Diocesan Lourdes 2017 Pilgrimage was one of my favourite trips ever! This experience is so unique and special and it is difficult to express it in words. I was able to gain many new skills and meet so many new people. I would say my favourite part was meeting the pilgrims and spending time with them. Being able to listen to their stories and how they discovered their faith was truly inspiring. Also, the fact that they were enjoying the company of us, teenagers, was amazing. I got a feeling that I had never experienced before, it was a feeling that came when I started to understand that us spending time with them for a few minutes and having conversations with them really helped them and brought them happiness.

Lourdes itself is an extremely magical place. It didn’t feel real when I was there. The atmosphere, the peace and the unity are so spectacular. It is amazing to see so many people coming from various parts of the world, with different backgrounds to visit this place. But when they arrive, everyone becomes one as they are part of this faith and unity.

The hardest part was coming back to Nottingham and continuing with our normal school lives. It was difficult to leave a place filled with love and miracles. This experience was completely new and different to the one I had when I went a few years ago with my family. I am hoping to go again next time.

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