Year 5 were full of knowledge as they shared the facts and stories of many inspiring people that they knew of. They prepared a fantastic Class liturgy with a great introduction which explained how we could be like a Saint. We heard the story of the woman in the Temple who gave all that she had and how she was praised by Jesus for the way she lived her life by giving it to God. There were lots of fantastic pictures and information about inspiring people such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Saint Maximilian Kolbe and many others. Everyone in the Class was asked to write down some of their ideas on the qualities that we could share with the Saints and there were some lovely prayers written asking God for help in our lives and thanking God for the wonderful things that we have. Our prayer focus was also cleverly designed to include all of the School Saints and their colours!

Year 2 showed some fantastic listening, moving and singing skills later in the afternoon. We learnt about some of the signs and symbols during the Mass and discussed the great love of Jesus and how we could follow that example, just like Saint Maximilian Kolbe did. We learnt all about the sign of peace and even sang a song about it too! We ended the day with our prayers and used the sign of the cross to remind ourselves of the love that Jesus has for all of us.

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