Father Philipp Ziomek is the parish priest at the Church of the Good Shepherd who comes into our school to celebrate Mass with the school. He is very welcoming to all who he talks too and is also very fun and enjoyable to be around. He is a very humorous person to be with and always makes us feel welcomed and happy.


We celebrate Mass regularly at Good Shepherd, and when we do they are full of songs and full of reflective times of prayer. Everyone is involved across all year groups, one class will plan the gather, and some will plan prayers along with the offertory. We even have a school choir that help us with songs. They will lead us with their singing so we can pick up the tune and even do solos and fill in bits that might be harder to sing. All of this wonderful celebration all leads us to the point where Father Philipp will transform the bread and wine brought up in the offertory to the Body and Blood of Christ. Every time we have a Mass we always leave with big smiles on our face, full of love and energy.



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