After several weeks of Summer Holidays we are now back ready to start the new school year!

Some of us are starting new schools, some of us are starting new Classes and we are all getting used to being back at School.

It can take a while to settle back into the School routine after such a long break so our focus this week is all about why we are here to learn. We will be thinking about how we learn more about God, why we are trying to become wiser people and what we have to do to make a good start to the new School year.

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The music for this week is from an amazing Musical called The Sound of Music!

In this song, Maria teaches the children how to sing and as they do they grow in confidence and are soon excellent singers!

thesoundofmusic-do-re-miAs it says in the song “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing almost anything!”

During this year you are going to learn lots of things, new stories, new facts and even new songs too! Throughout this year we will continue to learn more about God and Jesus His Son. By becoming better friends with Jesus we can trust Him even more to take care of us and to guide us in our lives.

As we learn more we can become better people who trust in God and therefore can do almost anything!

For us to start at the very beginning on our journey to become closer to God we must begin by praying. Just like in the song, words are our tools for prayer and we just have to put them together to talk to God.

Let’s begin our year with a prayer.

Thank you Lord for our break during the summer holidays.

Please help us in this school year. Help us to learn new things, be kind to our friends and to become closer to you.


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Now we’re back at school it’s back to listening to this guy, the Kid President!

Here is his speech to you teachers and students as you start your new year at school.

There is a lot to remember from that video! What bit was the most important to you?

What was the message from the video?

The Kid President tells us that we are all teachers. We all learn things from each other whether that’s skills on the football pitch, words in a book or just how to show love and care for each other.

Think carefully about what you think people will learn from you this year.

What can you share with your classmates and your school?

Jesus taught us to love our neighbour and that is what we should be teaching others by the way that we talk and behave.

Try to remember this throughout this year at school. Think about how you behave and try to make sure that your behaviour always shows others the love and respect that Jesus taught us to show to each other.

Please help us Lord to show love in everything that we say and do.

Help us to share with others and to forgive when things go wrong.


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This week’s Scripture reminds us why it is so important to come to school and to learn.

The book of Proverbs teaches us how to be wise and how to become closer to God.

My child, learn what I teach you and never forget what I tell you to do. Listen to what is wise and try to understand it. Yes, beg for knowledge; plead for insight. Look for it as hard as you would for silver or some hidden treasure. If you do, you will know what it means to fear the Lord and you will succeed in learning about God. It is the Lord who gives wisdom; from him come knowledge and understanding. He provides help and protection for those who are righteous and honest. He protects those who treat others fairly, and guards those who are devoted to him.

(Proverbs 2: 1-8)

children_learning-zbbjrxTo become closer to God and to grow in wisdom we have to want to learn. We must ask questions, we must look for answers and we must try to understand the world around us and the people in it.

We should see learning new things and gaining wisdom as a great thing and we should work hard to try to be as wise as we can be.

There will be lots of opportunities this year to learn something new whether that is a new sport, learning to play a musical instrument, discovering something new and interesting about science or history or even learning something new about a friend.

Think carefully about something that you would like to achieve this year, something that you would like to learn more about.

Write this down on a piece of paper.

Think about how you could learn more about this subject or skill. Could you read a book? Could you watch a documentary? Could you ask someone for help or interview someone about it?

Put your piece of paper somewhere safe. at the end of this school year hopefully you can look back at what you have written and see that you have achieved what you wanted to learn!

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