We are still in Eastertide so there is no better time to think about good news! We have lots to be joyful about and we will start by thinking about the gift of each new day that the Lord has given to us by listening to a joyful song as our Music Resource.

The best news is to hear that someone loves us and our Picture Resource will remind us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who loves us so much that He died for us.

Our Action gives us the opportunity to to share our own good news with others whilst our Video Resource will put you in charge of spreading the good news about the events in your school to others.

Finally, our Scripture Resource will help us to think about the good news in the story of Noah and the Ark and how it was delivered in a very special way.

Try to spread the joy this week by sharing your good news with others and helping them to celebrate their good news too!

Scripture Bank

If you would like to reflect on some more of the scriptures related to this topic then you can use some of the scripture references below.

Most of these are taken from Open Bible – you can use their Topical Bible Search facility to find lots more ideas! Just remember to change the Bible translation to ‘Good News Translation’ when you click on the link!

If you have found any pieces of scripture that you think link to our theme this week then please add them in the comments box below to share the Good News so that we can all enjoy them!

Click here for the Music Resource

It’s always nice to receive good news and today we are going to hear a happy song that will give us some very good news!

Listen to this song and think about what the good news is – join in if you know the words!

Mark 16:15

Matthew 24:14

Acts 1:8

Revelation 14:6

Luke 2:10

Psalm 96:3

Romans 1:16

John 3:16

Matthew 28:19-20

Click here for the Music Resource

Why should we be happy that God has made this day?

What good things can you do in this day?

How can you do good things for those around you today?

How will you celebrate the day that the Lord has given you?

Thank you Lord for this day. Help us to do good things with the day ahead and to help those around us.


Click here for the Picture Resource

Have a look at this picture and then read the scripture below to help you think about what is happening and what it means for us.

“I am the good shepherd, who is willing to die for the sheep. When the hired man, who is not a shepherd and does not own the sheep, sees a wolf coming, he leaves the sheep and runs away; so the wolf snatches the sheep and scatters them. The hired man runs away because he is only a hired man and does not care about the sheep. I am the good shepherd. As the Father knows me and I know the Father, in the same way I know my sheep and they know me. And I am willing to die for them.

(John 10: 11-15)

There is no news that is better than hearing that somebody loves us.

In this scripture we learn that Jesus loves us like a shepherd loves his flock of sheep.

Jesus loves us so much that He would die for us.

Think about the people that you love. Give them some good news today by telling them how much you love them.

Thank you Jesus for taking care of us and showing us love.

Help us to love others as you love us.


Click here for the Action

When we get some Good News we don’t always have the time to share it and to celebrate it.children talking


Think of some good news that you have received recently. Did you get a good mark for your work or a special sticker? Is there any good news in your family? Are there any exciting events coming up soon?


Go around your Class and share your good news with your classmates.

Now it is your chance to share your good news with everyone who visits your classroom! Make a colourful poster to tell others about your good news – you could even have more than one piece of good news on your poster!



It is God who gives us the people and the world around us that our good news comes from so try to include a thank you prayer on your poster to praise God for the good news that has been delivered to you!

Click here for the Video Resource

_62969440_jex_1515756_de27You might be wondering where this week’s video resource is but the good news is, you are going to make it!

Your school is a busy place and lots of things happen during the week. There will be lots of good news from staff and students and all you need to do is find it!

Your task is to go to the Classes in your school and ask them what good news they have to share.

You could do it in the style of a news report where members of your Class are the news reporters who interview the other Classes.

You could take a video camera with you to the Classes to film what they have been up to or just film your good news summary in your classroom after you have interviewed them.

Your news report should be a celebration of all the wonderful news in your school so you might want to use this piece of scripture in your report:

This is the day of the Lord‘s victory; let us be happy, let us celebrate!

Psalm 118: 24

If there is anyone who would like to write a news report blog to go on the Be Inspirational Website as a way of sharing their Good News then please comment below so we can arrange this!


Click here for the Scripture

Sometimes good news is delivered by a messenger.

Listen carefully to the scripture below and think about who the messenger was and what good news they brought.

This scripture completes the story of Noah and the Ark so you might like to watch the video first to help you understand the scripture better.

A reading from the book of Genesis.

God had not forgotten Noah and all the animals with him in the boat; he caused a wind to blow, and the water started going down.

After forty days Noah opened a window and sent out a raven. It did not come back, but kept flying around until the water was completely gone. Meanwhile, Noah sent out a dove to see if the water had gone down, but since the water still covered all the land, the dove did not find a place to light. It flew back to the boat, and Noah reached out and took it in. He waited another seven days and sent out the dove again. It returned to him in the evening with a fresh olive leaf in its beak. So Noah knew that the water had gone down.

The Word of the Lord.

(Thanks be to God.)

(Genesis 8: 1, 6-12)

Who was the messenger that brought the good news to Noah and his family on the Ark?

What was the good news that the messenger brought to Noah?

When you have a message of good news, how do you deliver it? A phone call? A card? A letter? By speaking to your friends and family?

What would your message be if you had to give someone some good news today?

Please help us Lord to bring a message of good news to the people that we meet.



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