The Year 3 children at Blessed Robert are all getting ready to make their First Holy Communion this weekend. Having spoke to some of them, the amount of emotions that are being experienced in that class is quite incredible! We had excitement, nerves, exhaustion, broken hearts, children feeling full of life and one child was fled with relief.

This group of children have done so much work, put in such a lot of time and have had to learn about a lot of grown up things in order to get ready for Saturday. But each and every child, regardless of how nervous or scared they might be feeling, had a smile on their face that they are finally going to do it. They are going to make their First Holy Communion.

It takes place at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Clifton on Saturday 5th May at 11:00 and your presence and prayers would mean so much to these children.

A big well done and thank you to everyone who has got them to this stage as well, they are a credit to the school!

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