During our first term at Saint Margaret Clitherow we have worked closely with the Chaplaincy team. They are a driven and focused group that want to be a part of the wider faith community in the school. They do this by leading class retreat lessons around the school, which they have planned and prepared. They go into each class and deliver the retreat, leading by example through their faith and enjoyment at being part of this school community.


Each week, a different class plans their assembly and this gives them the freedom to express their faith in a way that is accessible and understandable to them. They show great enthusiasm for this and show their faith through helping each other in making their assembly a true representation of their faith. They have been very successful and the students are very confident in leading this aspect of prayer in front of the whole school.


Also, the Faith in Action group have been busy this year reflecting on their faith and leading the school in being able to put that faith into practice. Their knowledge and passion for faith has made this journey a very enjoyable and fruitful one. They have led the whole school in prayer and shown examples of how to put your faith into action through serving at Mass and doing fundraising events to show the importance of helping others. They reflect on their faith each session and write these reflections up in their journals. They are wonderful leaders of faith around the school.


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