On the 4th February 2018 the Faith in Action team prepared and led a collective worship all about encountering God in our lives. The basis for our collective worship was how to make it easier for the younger years to understand encounter. We did this by choosing the Annunciation as the scripture.


In this Bible story, Mary has a surprise visit from the Angel Gabriel, God sent this angel as a messenger to Mary and the message He gave was that she will give birth to a child, and that this child would be the Saviour of the people and will have the name Jesus. Joseph who was looking after Mary at this point was very shocked but also excited about this news and agreed to help Mary. The group who worked on the word, not only read this out but acted it out and explained the different parts. We also had the gather group who started the act of worship off with the Sign of the Cross and explained the meaning of encounter. Those who were on the response told us how we can act out the message of the Gospel in our day to day lives, and the last group was the mission. The mission is what we want the school to do after the act of worship. We also ended on the S.T.O.P prayers, these stand for Sorry, Thankful, Others and Personal. We guided the school through each letter. Our mission for this collective worship was to encounter more people and make new friends or become friends with someone you used to be friends with.

But the first way that we encounter Jesus is to pray more and become closer to God.


Lily – Year 6

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