Today was a brilliant day! We had lots of fun at Mass, it was really interesting!

Behind the scenes, half of the Chaplaincy Team, helped set up for the All Saints’ Day Mass with Mrs Cotter. We had to get ready 3 tables – the altar, the credence table and the offertory table – we covered them with white cloth because in the Liturgical calendar, it tells us that white is the colour for the celebration of All Saints’ Day. While we were setting up, to our surprise, Fr Joe arrived! Mrs Cotter introduced us and we welcomed him to the school for the very first time. He told us that one of his relations used to be the secretary of our school!

The Mass was planned by the Year 6s and they did a phenomenal job! The Mass was very spirituality educational and we even did some Saintly Mathematics during the Mass too!  During the homily, Fr Joe taught us that the 2 steps to being a saint are: to have great faith in God and to use your faith to help others. He gave us the example of a man called Michael who had great faith and helped his community in many ways such as picking up litter everyday, mowing the lawn at his church and helping the elderly to put their bins out. Fr Joe told us that he was being a follower of God just by doing these good deeds and we should follow in his footsteps and his example. His funeral was on Tuesday and we prayed for him in our Mass. We ended our Mass with a brilliant hymn – You are my vision – we chose this because it is the words of St Patrick’s special prayer and he is the patron Saint of our school. Fr Joe said it was great singing!

We really enjoyed the Mass and we hope that we glorified God in our celebration. We would like to give a special thank you to the visitors who came, in fellowship with us and we hope that they have a blessed week!

Camilla, Praise, Tiffany, Cairo

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