This week we enter into October – a month dedicated to the Holy Rosary. It’s a reminder that we can look to Mary not only as an example, but also as a friend who prays with us when we need her the most. Think about who you want to pray for at the moment and maybe take some time this week to come to the Chapel and pray with Mary.

Make sure you use the last moments of each morning to come together in Prayer, starting and finishing with the Sign of the Cross and reflecting on what your discussions mean for you today. You could also take the opportunity to share those things of people that need your prayers this week with each other.

Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see here!

Thinking about the Rosary actually opens up a bigger discussion about prayer. Is it something you do? Is it something that helps? young people often say they believe in ‘something’ but does that translate to a prayer life?

This week’s big discussion is this:

Do traditional forms of prayer like the Rosary work for young people any more? Do young people pray at all?

As always add to the discussion below in the comments box!

    We couldn’t have a week about the Rosary and not mention Lourdes! Lourdes is one of the biggest and most important trips we do as a school and already we’ve got over 30 people signed up to come! It’s a very prayerful place and it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, religious or even believe in if you God, it has a profound effect on everyone who goes.

    This is a montage of last years photos done by The Youth Service. See what you think it says about prayer. Although the deadline has passed for deposits – if you still want to come you can still get a place. Just come and see Tom or Marsha THIS WEEK!!

    We start with the Sign of the Cross.

    Update: We’ve not had time to film this week’s video but there is something you can read instead…

    You can read the amazing comments and discussion that’s taken place in the comments section. We’ve had more comments this week than ever and it’s been amazing – hopefully we can keep it up!

    Have a look at what the other forms have been praying for any if you’ve not added something yet, then maybe you could add something this morning.

    If you have added something don’t be afraid to update your comments and further the discussion. Scripture videos will be back next week!

    Lord help us to listen and respond to your word. Amen

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